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 Famous in jalore Fair and Festivals of jalore

Shitala Mata : March
Sire Mindir : Feb.
Sevaida Pashu Mela Raniwara : April
Baba Reghunath Pashu Mela Sanchore : April
Ramdeoji Ka Mela Kawrada(Ahore) : Sept & Feb
Guru Shantisuri Mela Mandoli Nagar : Feb
Vijay Dashmi Mela jalore : Oct
Dev Jhulni jalore : Aug.Sept.
Ganesh Chaturti jalore : Aug.Sept.
Jagrat Hanuman Jayanti jalore : Nov.

Folk Dance
 Folk Dance jalore An exposition of stillness of the desert evening and the upsurge of life in the short-lived rainy season or spring are filled with rhythmic dance found in almost limitless variations in Rajasthan. The colourful people of Rajasthan live life to the hilt. After hard work in the unrelenting, harsh desert sun and the rocky terrain, they seek a respite from their exhausting work by letting themselves enthrall in gay abandon. Their evocative and soulful music provides the perfect accompaniment to their vigorous and unsophisticated dancing. Simple, spontaneous, dancing is seen in their fairs and festival in the 'kudakna' of the 'meena' boys, the dancing, which goes with the 'rasiya' songs of 'Braj´┐Ż, and the dancing by women and men where the women carry a pot or a lighted lamp on their head. In the 'charkula' dance of 'Braj, an elaborate lampstand replaces the single lamp.