jalore Tourism

The jalore town is scenically located in the jalore district in Rajasthan. It is bound by the districts of Barmer, Pali, Sirohi and Banaskantha district of Gujarat. jalore was ruled by the Parmar, a Rajput clan in the 10th century. Kirtipala, the youngest son of Alhana, ruler of Nadol, is the founder of the jalore line of Chauhans. He captured it from the Paramaras in 1181 and took the clan name Songara after the place. His son, Samarsimha, succeeded him in 1182. After him, Udayasimha became the ruler. The rule of Udayasimha was a golden period in the history of jalore. He was a powerful and able ruler . He ruled over a large area. He captured back Nadol and Mandore from the Muslims. In 1228 Iltutmish circled jalore however Udayasimha offered stiff resistance. He was succeeded by Chachigadeva and Samarasimha respectively. After Samantasimha his son Kanhadadeva became ruler of jalore.
 jalore Tourism Originally, jalore was known as Jabalipura, the name of a saint. It was also popularly known as Suvarnnagri or Golden Mount due to the prosperity within the kingdom. It flourished under the Chauhan Rajputs dynasty founded by Kirtipala, the son of the ruler of Alhana in 1181 and the greatest ruler was Udayasimha, whose rule is considered to be the golden period in jalores history. The jalore region changed hands and became part of the Mughal Empire under Akbar. Later it again became part of the Marwar region till the Indian independence. Since ancient times, jalore has been part of the pilgrimage sector in Rajasthan but lately, it has become a popular tourist destination for those seeking the arid beauty of real rustic Rajasthan. jalore is an upcoming town with a rich past, interesting cultural heritage and numerous attractive sightseeing destinations. Ancient temples, mosques and a multitude of historical. jalore fort is perched atop a steep and perpendicular hill. It commands the town from rocky outcrop 336m high fortified with a wall and bastions with cannon mounted upon them.