Tourism Places In tonk

 HATHI BHATA HATHI BHATA is about 22 kms from district headquarter Where you can find a monument of Elephant. Single stone was carved in to the shape of an elephant. It was made by Ram Nath Slat during the regime of Sawai Ram Singh in 1200 AD. This evidence is written on the right ear of that Elephant. Hathi Bhata Situated at 30 kilometers from tonk- sawai madhopur Highway, the Hathi Bhata tonk Rajasthan is one of the beautiful monuments in Rajasthan India. Carved out from a single stone this is a stone elephant which attracts tourists from all over to this place. Located in Kakod in tonk, Hathi Bhata, tonk Rajasthan is one of the most interesting tourist places in Rajasthan. Every year tourists come from different places to see the beautiful monument. Carved out from a single rock this is a stone sculpture of an elephant that attracts tourists because of its sheer size and uniqueness. Hidden away from the busy city life, tonk is a village in Rajasthan. On your tour to Rajasthan you can get to see the most unique monument in this place. Carved from a single block of rock this is a sculpted image of an elephant which surpasses a real elephant in its sheer size and magnificence. It is a rock cut form of a life size elephant. The story of Raja Nal and Damayanti is carved on the same rock.

Historical Ghanta Ghar
This was constructed by Mohd. Sadat Ali Khan, Nawab of tonk in 1937. As per the local history, in 1936, public suffered from the discease HAIZA. Nawab Sadat Ali Khan, 5th Nawab of tonk distrubuted medicines house to house personally. Public appreciated this and presented money to him. He constructed this monument with the amount.

Sunahari Kothi
 Sunahari Kothi Sunahari Kothi Situated on the Najar Bagh road near Bada Kuwa this Kothi has walls with golden polish. This Kothi is also known as Shishmahal and one can find diamonds, glasses, paintings, flowers, Paccikari and meenakari works on the walls. This places Situated about 30 kilometers from the tonk- sawai madhopur Highway is the Sunheri Kothi, tonk which attracts tourists from all over India. The Sunheri Kothi in tonk is one of the beautiful Havelis in Rajasthan India which is also called the Golden Mansion of tonk. offers online information on Sunheri Kothi, tonk and other tourist attractions of Rajasthan and other parts of India. Sunheri Kothi, tonk is one of the most interesting tourist places in Rajasthan. Every year tourists come from different places to see the beautiful monument. It seems to be built during the Mughal rule. tonk was ruled by a tribe of the Pathans so the Sunheri Kothi exhibits a unique and exquisitely beautiful Mughal architecture. One of the little villages in Rajasthan, tonk attracts tourists from all over. On your tour to Rajasthan you can get to see the most unique monument in this place. The Sunheri Kothi, tonk is near the Bada Kua. Though the exteriors of the monument makes it like any other Haveli in Rajasthan but its lavishly decorated and looks quite stunning with its brilliant artwork. The walls of the mansion have a golden polish which seems to be quite fascinating. The Sunheri Kothi, tonk also known as the Golden Mansion has a big hall with exquisitely crafted mirror work and is called Shish Mahal. The walls of the Sunheri Kothi, tonk are adorned with glass work, floral paintings and mother of pearl and exquisite "Pachhikari" and "Meenakari" work that recalls the grandeur of the bygone era. From stained glass, stucco, to mirror work, the Sunheri Kothi is the ideal destination for the art lovers who will surely be mesmerized by the beauty of the Sunheri Kothi, tonk. From floral swirls, motifs, to excellent mirror work, balconies and alcoves, the exquisite artistry of the Rajputs is explicitly reflected in its artwork as well as architecture of the Sunheri Kothi, tonk. From lavish ornamentation, spacious courtyards to sprawling areas, the Sunheri Kothi, tonk attracts people from all over.

 Bilaspur Bilaspur is located 70 km from tonk where one can visit the beautiful dam and the Lord Gokarneswar Temple. According to legends, Ravana, the ruler of Lanka meditated here. The Aravalli Mountain Ranges get split up here by the Banas River.

Rasiya ke Tekri
Appointed by raja holkar, as a governer of this place Shri Ambaji Maharaj, a schooler ,known for composing love songs , renovated Rasia Ki Tekri in 1859. As per the local history, one Kayasth lover used to sit here and always sing love songs. On account of this romance (rasiya), this monument is called by the name of 'RASIYA KE TEKRI'.

Shivaji Garden
It is situated in Bhagat Singh Colony, Newai Town about 30 Kms from tonk Hq. It is located on the National Highway, 70 kms far from Jaipur. Its area is around 16 Bighas and constructed cost is approximately 1 Crore. Its map is designed like Maisoor Gardens & Hiran Magari Park. Musical fountains are arranged in this garden. Swimming Pool for children also there.

Jama Masjid
 Jama Masjid This mosque is one of the most beautiful monuments in India which was started by Nawab Amir Khan in 1246 AD and is said to have been completed by Nawab Wzirudhoula in 1297 -1298 AD.

This Palace is located on the banks of the Banas River where one can enjoy boating at the confluence of three rivers - Banas, Khari and Dai. Tourists from all over Indian and abroad are attracted by the beauty of the place. It is one of the highlights of tourism in tonk.

Sri Kalyanji Mandir Diggi
This temple is situated in the village of Diggi about 75 km from Jaipur and is famous for the statue of Lord Anirudh. The temple has the famous Pratihar type of architecture which was famous during the 9th and the 10th Century AD.

Anpurna Ganeshji
 ANPURNA GANESH JI Anpurna ganesh ji temple is located at Nawabon ki Nagri tonk . This temple is beauriful temple. The city has another major tourist place called Toda Raisingh. It is an ancient town which is archaeologically quite important and is one of the most beautiful ancient towns. During the 15th and 16th century the Toda Raisingh was the capital of the Solanki Rajputs. It got its name from Rail Singh Sisodia who was the Mughal Mansabdar of this region. The Toda Raisingh town has a number of interesting destinations like the Hadi Rani Ki Baori, Raja Rai Singh's Mahal, Isar Baori, and tourists can visit the ancient temples of Kalyanji, Raghoraiji, Gopinathji, Govind Deoji.
Other most prominent temples in the city include the Nagarfort temple - the tapobhumi of Rishi Mandav, Jodhpuriya, Doonija Mandir, Jal Devi Mandir, Jain temples, Badri Nath temple, Ram Krishan Mandir, Kankali Mata Mandir, Annapurna Ganesh Mandir, Antariya Balaji Mandir, Mansha Purna Bhuteshwar Mahadev Mandir, Jain Nasiya, Mahadevali shiv Mandir, Nasiya Balaji Mandir, Jama Masjid and Swami Hundal Ram Mandir of Sindi community .