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Famous Spots Around Pinkcity

The tiny village of Sanganer is 16 kilometers south of Jaipur and a wide road leads to it. The landscape keeps changing portraying both the rural and urban profiles. One comes to an airport and then after a right turn one gets to the ruins of two triploids or triple gateways and right into the heart of Sanganer. Apart from a palace in ruins, there are Jain temples. Entry to the temples is restricted. The place is famous for its handmade paper jand block printing and has the largest handmade paper industry in the country.

It is 35 kilometers away from Jaipur on the road to Ajmer. The ground level fort is still in good shape. Its attraction is a hand printed textile industry with the designs and technique less complicated than those of Sanganer.

Ramgarh Lake
It is 32 kilometers from Jaipur, known for its artificial lake over an area of about 20 square kilometers. Created by constructing a huge bund amidst tree covered hills. It is a popular picnic spot during the rainy season and has facilities for boating and fishing. There is also a Jheel Tourist village where one can stay.

Samode Palace
Forty kilometers northwest of Jaipur, the old palace renovated is a breathtaking site. The palace has been converted into a heritage hotel and is ideal for an outing.

It is 86 kilometers away on the Shahpura-Alwar road and contains the relics and structures of the Mauryan, Mughal and Rajput periods. The excavated remains of a circular Buddhist temple, unique in Rajasthan, makes it an important historical place. Akbar constructed a mint and his son, Jahangir, built a lovely Mughal garde apart from a monument with painted chhatris and walls.

It is famouse for the country's largest inland salt lake and is 94 kilometers to the west of Jaipur. It is also known for the famous and holy Devayani tank, the palace and Naliasar which is pretty close by.

Off the Agra road and 98 kilometers from Jaipur near Bandikui is the famous temple of Harshad Mata built around the eighth century and also the stepped Chanda baoli. Two Jain temples were built later.

Jaisinghpura Khor
It is 12 kilometers away of the road to Amer and is one of the settlements of the Meena tribe. It has an impressive fort, a Jain temple and a step-well.

Off the Agra road and 40 kilometers away on the Bassi Lalsor road, is a place where one of the historic battles between the Jaipur forces and the Marathas was fought called Tunga. It commands an enviable landscape with the fort of Madhogarh nestled amidst orchards of mangoes.

To the southeast of Jaipur and at a distance of about 180 kilometres lies Karauli which has several Krishna Temples. It boasts of the old city palace which was constructed in phases with the construction having started somewhere around 1,400 A.D. The palace was the home of the royal family of Karauli though as of today, it lies in a state of ruins and its occupants are animals and birds.

The famous temple of Balaji which is about 1.5 kilometers off the Jaipur-Agra highway. It is supposed to have healing and divine powers and the places is visited by people with all kinds of problems. People are tied or chained and then exorcised by which teh evil spirits are supposed to leave the person. The tying of the chain or ropes are supposed to indicate that the evil spirit that has engulfed the person is firmly tied or chained.


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