Shopping In bharatpur

  bharatpur Shopping
bharatpur is famous throughout the world mainly as a National Park. There are not many bharatpur shopping destinations. However, tourists visiting bharatpur can still find buying small stuff to take back as souvenirs. Read on this bharatpur shopping guide to explore more about shopping in this city.
Shopping places in bharatpur, Rajasthan are known for a number of items. Some of the famous shopping items of bharatpur are:
Jewelry (of precious and semi-precious stones)
Marble carvings
Brass work
Jaipur textiles (especially bandhej/tie and dye print)

Shopping in bharatpur can be a real exciting experience if you are a good bargainer. I found some great deals at shopping arenas like Mathura Gate, Chaurburja Bazaar, Laxmi Mandir and Ganga Mandir. Take home some of those typically Indian souvenirs and curios. For more hardcore shoppers, the adjacent city of Jaipur offers a good site with some very ethnic jewellery and textiles. One can buy some beautiful lac bangles laden with precious and semi-precious stones, while bandhej (textiles with tie and dye prints) will definitely creep into your wardrobe. You can also find some brass work, antiques and marble carvings. Though one never gets tired of taking rickshaw rides inside the bird sanctuary and admiring the exotic species of birds, do take time out and visit the markets of bharatpur as shopping in bharatpur can be very pleasant experience.
You can get real bargains at Mathura Gate, Chaurburja Bazaar, Laxmi Mandir and Ganga Mandir that are some of the best places to shop around during your travel to bharatpur.