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Mandalgarh bhilwara
 Mandalgarh bhilwara Mandalgarh is the place , situated at a distance of 54 Kms. towards South-East of bhilwara. It is sub division,tehsil and panchayat samiti of same name.The place is of historical importance because it was the scene of many a fierce battle during the mediaeval times,according to the muslim historians. The place was taken twice by Mahmud Khilji of Malwa in the middle of the fifteenth century , and subsequently appears to have belonged alternately to the Ranas of Mewar and the Mughal Emperors. In or about 1650 A.D. Shah Jahan granted it in Jagir to Raja Roop Singh of kishanGarh, who partially built a palace here , but Rana Raj Singh retook it in 1660.A.D. . Twenty years later captured the palace and in 1700 A.D. made it over to Jhujar Singh Chief of Pisangan (now in Ajmer district ) from whom it was recovered by Rana Amar Singh in 1706A.D., and it since then remained in the uninterruped possession of his successors.

Famous of bhilwara
bhilwara, also known as 'Textile City of India', is a famous industrial town in Rajasthan. Located in the western part of Rajasthan, bhilwara is well connected with all major cities in India bhilwara emerged as India's largest manufacturer of suitings, fabrics and yarn. Its share in the polyester/viscose fabrics (suiting) sector is around 50 per cent in India. bhilwara city had the birth of the textile industry way back in 1961 when LN Jhunjhunwala set up his first unit to manufacture synthetic yarn. The unit is known as bhilwara Spinners Ltd. Today bhilwara is a prominent and leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of world-class Suitings, Flock Fabrics and Yarn. The city has a quaint story of origin, carefully preserved by the locals. It is said to have come up in the middle of the 11th century when a Bhil tribal, supposedly one of the first settlers, built a Shiva temple on the site of the existing Jataun ka Mandir. This is in the area called Junawas, the oldest part of the town. And if we are to believe this, the town is more than 900 years old

 Textile bhilwara There are around 20 big process houses in bhilwara.
Some of the popular companies involve in processing industry are as below:
Suzuki Textiles Ltd.
Suzuki Textiles Ltd. is one of India�s leading Exporters in Garments & Fabrics with wide global presence . It produces arond 100 million meter per annum.
1. Suzuki Textile
2. ISUZU (Readymade Garments)

Galundia Textile Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of polyester, viscose, wool blended fabrics & also manufacturing high end products like lycra & linen.
1. Thomas Crown International Fashion Fabrics
2. Grace Collection
3. Grace Worsted Collection Superfine Fashion Fabrics (GWC)

Economy of bhilwara
The major industry is textiles, with more than 400 manufacturing units in the town. There is also a huge cloth market. The main textile product is synthetic fabric used in trousers. The city is a market for mica, grains, cotton, and wool. Its manufactures include textiles and metalware. It was the immense effort of Lt. Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharaf and then Lt. Sh. Chetan Sharaf owner of "Jugal Kishore Mica corp." That played a crucial role in bhilwara being a major Mica producing area. Mansingha family, Jaiswal Family a well known business family, M/s. Ashok Kumar Daruka has had a major share in export of Mica worldwide, has impact on the development of the city.
bhilwara is the one of the major textile centre of the Country. The turn over of the textile industry is more than Rs. 10,000 crore p.a. It has 9 major spinning mills and 5 small spinning mills. The total spindlage installed at bhilwara are approx. 4.50 lacs about 40% of the State capacity. It has 18 modern process houses to process polyester/viscose suiting with the capacity of 50-55 crore meters of fabric p.a. In weaving sector it has approx. 13,500 looms out of which about 9000 are modern shuttleless looms. Exports of textiles from the district is of more than Rs. 750 crore p.a.
It is the only center in the country producing insulation bricks. There are about 25 units. In mining sector large scale mining of sand stone, which is also exporting. The other major mining activity is in soap stone mining, the talcum powder manufactured by UMDS is supplied to all major manufacturing units.