Tourism Places In bhilwara

Places to Visit
Harni Mahadev (Famous shiv temple).
Bada Mandir (Famous Charbhuja Mandir).
Adinath Digamber Jain Mandir (R.K. Colony, bhilwara)
Neelkanth Mahadev
Charbhuja Temple at Kotri
Sawai Bhoj Temple
Kalp Vraksh, 22 km from bhilwara, near to Aamaa village.
Adhar Shila Mahadev (it is a famous shiv temple under a rock hung on only from a single place)
Shahpura Ramdwara - 45 km away at NW direction
Patula Mahadev
Ghata Rani. Famous for its more than 100 steps

 Bijolia  bhilwara Brijolia away from city 50 kms . on the Bundi-Chittaurgarh road, in bhilwara district, is the old fort and city of Bijolia. In ancient times it was known as Vindhyavali. During Chauhan period, it became a famous centre for art and architecture. Several beautiful Shaiva temples were constructed by the Chauhan rulers on this place. Most of the temples have either disappeared or are in ruins today. On the eastern side of the town near the city wall, there are three beautiful temples. Prominent amongst them is Hajaresvara Mahadeva temple. It has a high linga surrounded by hundreds of small lingas and hence called Hajaresvara or Sahastralinga. The temples of Mahakala and Baijanath are also well known. The temple of Undeshwar Mahadeva is also well known. Near by Mandakini Kund is a holy water tank. Bijolia inscription dating back V.E. 1226 is very important because it throws a new light on the early history of the Chauhan dynasty.

 Shahpura  bhilwara Shahpura is situated at a distance of 55 km on Jahajpur Devli Road. Shahpura is famous for the contribution made by the Barhat family the freedom struggle of India and as the prime center of International Ramsnehi Sampraday. Shahpura is also famous for its 700 year old Far Painting. The painters of this region have won several national prizes.

Sheetala Mata Temple
 Sheetala Mata Temple  bhilwara Sheetala Mata Temple away from city 85 km . Dhanop is a little village near bhilwara with only the Sheetla Mata Temple to boast of. But it makes for an interesting visit as it�s the most colourful temple around. The walls and pillars are bright red while the roof is sparkling white. The floor is of marble, and a checkered one at that. In the complex is a neem (Azadirachta indica) tree which looks more like a Christmas tree. This is because of the hundreds of colourful pieces of cloth which devotees have tied around its branches in the belief that it will fulfill their wishes. Anyway, the main idol of the goddess Sheetla (a form of Durga) is of black stone with patches of sindoor (vermilion) on it. Same is the case with the stone walls in the inner sanctum. The ceiling, too, has some bright floral paintings.

A detour between Menal and Bijolia takes you to Mandalgarh, which is the third fort of Mewar built by Rana Kumbha. Located at a distance of 52 km in Mandalgarh, from bhilwara, this is a fort which is 1 km long and at a height of 1850 feet above sea level. Naturally this fort was much secured. At this place there are number of temple of God & Goddesses to visit.

 Menal  bhilwara Menal is away from bhilwara 90 km . Amidst the natural beauty lies Menal, the coldest town famous for its ancient Shiva temples, picturesque waterfalls and dense forests on the Bundi-Chittaur road.It is also known as the "Mini Khajuraho" blessed with natures bounty. You can also have a look at the picturesque waterfall, if you happen to visit the place after a good monsoon.

 Gangapur  bhilwara Gangapur away from city 45 km it's like the other typical Rajasthani village that one is likely to encounter while travelling in the countryside. An otherwise quiet village, it comes alive every now and then when a local cattle fair is organized here, in which a large number of cattle and other domestic animals exchange hands. These cattle fairs are a regular feature in almost all districts of Rajasthan. This is not surprising because the Rajasthani rural economy, to a large extent, revolves around cattle even though the majority of Hindus are vegetarians. These fairs are primarily meant for the trade in domestic animals but that does not stop anybody from adding a little color to the occasion. The fairs often take on a carnival nature with stalls of items of daily use, toys and a lot more.

40 kms away from the bhilwara city on Kota Road, Bards, Menali's and Badachh river meets, it's popularly known at Triveni Chauraha. On its coast line there is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva which remains submerged in water during rainy season. On the occasion of Poornima, Amawas, Kartik & Magh month people from distant places come to take a dip in this holy water. During Shivratri, a huge Mela is organized here. People also come to flow the after remains of their dear ones in this holy water.

 Mandal  bhilwara Mandal away from city 13 km is One of the best things to see in Mandal is the Battis Khambon ki Chhatri. As the name suggests, this sandstone monument is a handsome chhatri (domed pavilion) of 32 pillars. Some of the pillars show good carving at the base and the upper portion. Within the sheltered space is a huge shivalinga, the phallic symbol of Shiva (the Destroyer of the Hindu Trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer).

Joganiya Mata
Joganiya Mata is a famous temple which is at a distance of 80 km from the bhilwara City. It was built in the 8th century. The temple is situated at the midst of the dense forest therefore people scare to visit this place. It has become a shelter place for Dacoits & Drunkards who started offering animal sacrifices; this pratha became so popular that offering animal sacrifices became a regular feature after the fulfillment of asked desire. During Navratra, number of goats & buffaloes are cut to offer as sacrifice; hence the environment here was not conducive. In this situation, Jain Sadhvi Mewar Sihni Yaskanwarji took the responsibility of banishing violence from this are and due to her great efforts, sacrificing & drinking stopped in the year 1974. Then after, due to her inspiration only, religiously bent people made an effort for the planned development of this area, as a result of which Dharamshalas, Shops were built and water, electricity reached this place. During Navratra Festival a 9 day fair is regularly organized here which is visited by number of people here.

Harni Mahadev
 Harni Mahadev bhilwara Harni Mahadev is the nearest pilgrim site for the bhilwara Residents which is at a distance of 6 kms. Beneath the green mountains, near the water fall under a large stone there is a 'Shivling'. On the occasion of Shivratri 3 day fair is held here. There are large no. of people assemble to view this site. In the month of Shravan devotees accumulate & perform various Religious rites. Municipal Corporation of bhilwara with the help of local people is developing new facilities. At the top of a hill there is situated a temple of 'Chamunda Mata' from where a complete view of the city as available. This temple is connected with the road.

Mejah Dam
Situated at distance of 17 kms from bhilwara it is the main Tourist Spot and water reservoir for the bhilwara Residents. Its capacity is 30 feet. During the rainy season, the surrounding is a site to behold here. A rest house of Irrigation Deptt., swimming pool, swings for the children & toy train are there. Complete facilities for picnic and party are present here.