All About Famous In dholpur

Mach Kund
 Mach Kund Mach Kund An excursion to Bari offers exciting rewards too. The Mach Kund (8km from dholpur) here is an ancient sacred place. It has a tank surrounded by a series of temples of different dates. The name comes from one Raja Muchkund, who is supposed to have reigned 14 generations before Rama (of the Ramayana fame). That was thousands of years ago, and it's really surprising how the legend has survived. The place bursts forth with life once a year when it becomes a pilgrim site. There are also the ruins of an ancient fort (1286) built by one Firoz Shah.

Kanpur Mahal
The 17th century elegant pleasure palace Kanpur Mahal (40km km from dholpur), which is a series of interconnected pavilions, was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. There is also a historic lake in the surroundings, called Talab Shahi. This beautiful place served as Shah Jahan's hunting grounds. The lake attracts a large number of migratory fowl. Don't miss the Damoh waterfall near Sarmathura. With so many water bodies in dholpur, one would hardly remember that one is in the deserts of Rajasthan.

Wildlife Attractions
 Wild Life   Bari is also known for its Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, located at about 18km from dholpur. Covering an area of 60 sq km, Van Vihar was recognized as a sanctuary in 1955. The sanctuary spreads itself on the Vindhya Plateau and supports a rather stunted growth of Dhok and Khair (Acacia catechu) trees. Some of the animals found here are sambhar (large Asiatic deer), cheetal (spotted deer), nilgai (large Indian antelope), wild boar, hyena and leopard. Maharaja Udaibhan Singh of dholpur had a great liking for animals and frequented Van Vihar. He used to hand feed not only the deer and birds, but also the foxes and jackals. Anyway, near this sanctuary is another one the Ramsagar Sanctuary. The highlight of this one is the picturesque Ramsagar Lake. It supports a rich aquatic life including fresh water crocodiles and a large number of fishes and snakes. Water birds like cormorants, ibis, jacanas, stilts, herons and others are also common. The lake also serves as a veritable resort for migratory ducks and geese during the winter months.

Ramsagar Sanctuary
 Ramsagar Sanctuary Ransagar sanctuary is situated almost 34 km from dholpur and it has a variety of aquatic life along with freshwater crocodiles, apart from that various varieties of fishes and snakes. If you will visit here, you will really enjoy the water birds, Jacanas, Ringed Plovers etc.

Talab Shahi
 Talab Shahi   Talab Shahi is a lake and was established by Shah Jahan. This lake is located 40km from dholpur. Talab Shahi attracts a number of winter migratory birds like Pintail, Tufted Duck, Comnion Pochard, Gadwalla and more.

Van Vihar Wild Life Sanctuary
 Wild Life   Van Vihar Wild Life Sanctuary is situated almost 18 km away from dholpur. This wildlife sanctuary reserve of the paragons of dholpur.It almost covers an area of 59.86 km. It has a rich variety of wildlife.