Shopping In dholpur

 Shopping In dholpur dholpur district has a vast area, full of rocks, especially the dholpur and Rajakhera Part of The Chambal valley is covered by Kachhar. Masonary stones, concrete, sandstone and lime stones are found in plenty in the area. Many persons are engaged in weaving, pottery, leather tanning, carpentry, black smithy, rope making etc.

 Shopping In dholpur Khadi Store , Product sold , Khadi Wear , Silk Saree, Shirt, Kurta, ladies top, ladies kurta, frock, skirt, pillow cover, hat. Food and Vegetable product - Honey, Sarbat, amla sugar controller, Mango Squash, hair oil, coconut oil. Fibre Products - Basket, bag etc. Paper Products - Carry bags, gift boxes, briefcase, design paper, envelope, photo frame etc. Leather Products - Jacket, Briefcase, bag, pouch, wallet,belt, shoe,chappal,purse etc Pottery - Vase, gamlas, charcoal oven,ceramic utensils, Ashoka stupi, Clay Statues etc Other items - Agarbati,Neem soap, sandal soap, lemon soap, plate, cradle,flower basket, flower hanger, tray etc.