barmer Routes Info.

barmer Routes

Air: The nearest airport is Jodhpur, which is about 240 kms from barmer.

Train : barmer is on the disused railway line from Jodhpur to Hyderabad in Pakistan. Daily trains travel from barmer to Jodhpur for Rs 60/120 in 2nd/1st class.
Important train connections are : 4808 barmer Express( barmer - Jodhpur)
4898 barmer Express( barmer - Jodhpur)

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Bus : Distances From barmerTo Important Cities By Road
Jodhpur:224 km (via Balotara)
Jodhpur: 198 km (via Pachpdra)
Jaiselmer:157 km, Jalore: 204 km, Udaipur: 462 km, Jhunjhunun: 625 km, Jaipur: 588 km, Ahmedabad
The N.H.15 runs south from barmer to Sanchore with a cattle fair( April- May)and across into Gujrat. A minor road runs East and then Southeast from barmer to Sindhari, which has a colorful bazaar. A road goes Northeast from Sindhari to Balotra, a small textile town known for its traditional weaves and block prints.
There are five daily buses between barmer and Jaiselmer( Rs 40, three and half hours). There are also frequently daily buses to Jodhpur( Rs 78, five hours).
barmer is well connected with roadways and there are regular bus service. The Rajasthan State Transport buses ply from here to other cities in North West India. Delhi is 949 kms, Jaipur is 316 kms, Jodhpur is 240 kms, and Jaisalmer is 330 kms from barmer.
Rajsthan State Road Transport Corporation connects barmer with all major cities in the state. The Bus stand is situated near Rly Station and Tilak Bus Stand connects barmer with Jodhpur, Balotra, Jalore( via Siwana), Jaiselmer, Ahmedabad (via Sanchore), Abu Udaipur and far away.

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