Tourism Places In pali

There are many tourist places in pali district which attract local peoples as well as foreigners. People from different cities of India come to pali to visit Ranakpur, Jawai Dam, Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Jadan Aashram etc. Some of the famous tourist places are as follows

Ranakpur Jain Temples
 Ranakpur Jain Temples pali It is famous for its magnificent Jain temple built during the reign of Rana Kumbha of Mewar in 15th Century. Ranakpur temple complex is known for its Architectural and natural beauty. It has 24 halls containing 1440 pillers, each one is different from other and each covered with intricate, yet delicate, carvings. The Central temple dedicated to the Jain Thirthankara Adinath ji, is called Chaumukha .
How to reach Ranakpur Jain Temples You easily reach at Sadari by bus from all over Rajasthan. At Sadari, local taxi and jeeps are available to reach at Ranakpur.

Hatundi Rata Mahabir Swami Temple
Known to be the most magnificent temple in Rajasthan, this exquisite pink and white temple is dedicated to Jain saint Mahavira. Built in the shape of the Pyramids of Egypt, this multi-coloured marvel of construction is an unusual sight for many travelers. An imposing statue of Lord Mahavira is housed inside the inner sanctum of the temple.

Nimbo Ka Nath
 Nimbo Ka Nath It is situated between between Falna-Sanderav route. Myth goes that pandavas stayed here with mother kunti during the exil. Kunti used to worship shiva at this place. Pandvas also established Navdurga at this place.
How to reach Nimbo Ka Nath you can easily reach at Falna by bus or train. At Falna local taxi and jeeps are available to reach this place.

Jadan Aashram
It is situated in Marwar Junction tehsil of pali district and hardly 20 km from pali.

Shanidham Aashram
It is situated in pali tehsil of pali district and hardly 10 km from pali.

Jawai Dam
 Jawai Dam Jawai Dam is One of the biggest dam of western Rajasthan. it is situated in sumerpur tehsil of pali district. it has a capacity of 6000 millian qubic feet. It is the main water supply source of jodhpur and pali districts. Besides this, many villages of Jalore and pali are irrigated through this Dam.

Bangur Museum :
This museum hosts many historical and artistic items like traditional costumes, coins, arms, etc. An interesting insight into the glorious history of pali can be had here. It is situated in the pali city at old bus stand. Many old historical and artistic items like dresses, coins, arms etc. are kept here.

Lakhotia Garden
It is situated in the heart of pali city and surrounded by a pond, lakhotia Also known as city tank . One beautiful temple of Lord Shiva is also situated in the middle of garden.

Somnath Mandir
 Somnath Mandir It is famous for its historical background and Shilp-Art. It is situated in the middle of pali city. It was constructed by then King of Gujrat Kumarpal Solanki in the Vikram samvat 1209. It is the temple of Lord Shiva. In the premises of temple there are many small temple of other Devi Devta.

Parshuram Mahadev Temple
It is in Desuri tehsil, on the top of one of the hill of aravali. There is a natural cavern on the hill where a natural Shivling is the attraction of the devotee of lord Shiva. the Myth goes that the great ascethic, parshuram of ramayan era practised penarce in this cavern. Fairs are also organised here twice a year. It is hardly 14 km from Sadari Town.
How to reach Parshuram Mahadev Temple You can easily reach at Sadari by bus from all over Rajasthan. At Sadari, local taxi and jeeps are available to reach at pond. Now from Pond there is 2 km walking distance through hilly narrow path to reach at top, and then from top there is around 400 narrow steps to reach at natural cavern.

palis Main Attractios
Today pali's chief attraction are three exquisite temples, namely the Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple, the Ranakpur Jain Temple and the Surya Narayan Temple (the first has been covered under pali, while the other two have been covered separately under Ranakpur).